Our product portfolio tenders a wide mix of methodologies to create and transfer knowledge effectively:

In-person activities:

Run by a coach inside a classroom allowing students and facilitators to interact and exchange contents.

Training at work desk:

Used for students to practice knowledge and capabilities acquired directly in their work desk.


An online method including technological sources to ease contents and/or learning material.


A content learning method throughout virtual games.

Elements of knowledge:

Videos, cases of study, documents, manuals, proceedings, tutorials.

Blended Activities:

It includes a wide variety of learning methods (In-person, online, games, etc) so as to cover one or several learning goals.

Practice communities:

A practice implemented for a group of people sharing a profession, to develop their own learning space, and knowledge exchange.

Mobile learning:

An online method which uses mobile phones to offer contents and/or learning material.


An online method aiming at copying the operational process in the real world using technological sources.