The role of the Chief Learning Officer has changed dramatically over the last few years. With skills and talent in short supply (despite the high unemployment rate), the need to globalize organizations, and rapid changes in learning and HR technology, the modern CLO must take on a bigger and more important role. 1. Chief Capability Officer. The first new role todays CLO must play is that of “Chief Capability Officer.” Rather than think about the job of “training people” and running the L&D organization, High-Impact Learning Organizations (HILO) focus on understanding the detailed capability requirements of critical positions in the company. Cheap Nike Air Max UK Our new HILO research finds that companies that focus here greatly outperform those who deliver “skills-based” training. At SAP, for example, Mary Sibley, who delivers sales training worldwide, has a comprehensive model for all the capabilities needed by sales people. air max 90 pas cher Training is delivered via simulation, gaming, and formal education – focused around the complete competencies needed to position, sell, and support customers. This focus means that the CLO and the team must really understand what the daily life of these professionals is like. They must understand their working conditions, the day to day nature of their job, and what “high-performance” looks like. It’s a much bigger problem than simply “skills development.” 2. Nike Air Max BW Femme Chief Leadership Officer. While some organizations have technical training teams which operate separately from leadership development teams, it is nearly impossible to develop capabilities in any function (IT, sales, manufacturing, marketing) without teaching leadership skills. Nike Air Jordan Baratas So the second critical role for any CLO is to understand, drive, or own the company’s leadership development. At Mars, CLO Andre Martin has responsibility for enterprise-wide leadership development as well as the functional colleges of IT, sales, and other business functions. Mars, a very decentralized organization, operates in a very agile business model: business units make their own decisions and set their own business strategies. While the company has many standard practices for manufacturing, quality, service, and employee relations, the CLO’s job is to build a common culture and a rigorous and consistent set of business and leadership skills. Business Acumen has become one of the most important skills in leadership today. Asics Pas Cher As companies delegate more and more responsibility to regional and line leaders, the CLO must build a common framework for making business decisions. At AT&T, for example, the CLO now trains more than 80,000 people in the fundamentals of leadership and the business.